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Joyce Craig's services include:

Mediation and Collaborative Legal Services

Is Mediation right for you? (See our Blog page for more thoughts on Mediation and you)

Civic mediation has historically been used as a relatively inexpensive way to resolve disputes without the risks and costs associated with litigation. While, admittedly, litigation has been our bread and butter as attorneys over the years, we are great fans of mediation. We have found that the local courts are congested, there are long waits between hearings, trials may be 4-5 years away from the initiation of a case, and in the end, most cases settle before trial but after the parties have spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (discovery costs, experts, briefs, motions, legal research, negotiations, strategy sessions, reporter fees, pre trial prep, and days off work to participate, etc.). A mediator is hired by the day to work with disputing parties to facilitate their conversation and a compromise/resolution of their claims. Each party to a dispute has a story to tell. Usually, it's difficult for the other parties to listen. We can help. We are offering to "unbundle" legal services and provide you with the most suitable, customized legal and other professional services to accommodate and meet your needs. We can work closely with you to try to stay out of the courts or resolve a pending case using traditional facilitative mediation along with individualized legal, social, financial, practical services through our coordinated panel of experts.

When parties realize earlier in time that they may maintain control over decisions (as opposed to giving over power to a judge (or arbitrator) or a jury), reduce the stress of not knowing the outcome of a litigated or arbitrated case (either as plaintiff or as defendant or petitioner or respondent), have the ability to receive or pay real dollars now and end the dispute, it is very empowering.

My background and early career was as a Social Worker and I have the correlated skill set in working with and listening to clients. Through my many years of work as an attorney, I participated as counsel in many mediations and would like to help you strategize for your situation -- as an outside counsel to strategize with -- as counsel to work with your own lawyers -- or as an independent neutral mediator, who can help facilitate the conversation among the parties to a dispute.